What is the proof of Mahabharata? Is it not just a story?

Q: Some people tell that Gita and Mahabharata happened only in the minds of people. Is there any conclusive scientific evidence for these events?

A: Vyasa wrote Mahabharata. Existence of Vyasa is a proof for the existence of Mahabharata. Ramayana and Mahabharata are “Itihasam” – iti iha asam – which means, it happened like that. Unlike Puranas, which were stories, the former are historical. Characters in Itihasa lived and walked on this earth. But the most of characters in Puranas are imaginative.


All the places mentioned in Mahabharata still exists in the same name or similar name. There many other stories from various places which mention about Mahabharata and the places and incidents. Recently Archeological Survey of India have excavated the city of Dwaraka. Indraprasth, Kurushetra, etc still exist with the same names.

The description of all the Akshonis, weapons used, where it happened, when it happened is completely available and is proved through scientific evidences.
Apart from all these, in Mahabharata, there are mention of specific astrological signs. With Indian astronomical calculations we can trace back the exact dates of when it happened.

Though there are variety of research results about the exact dates, every study has come to the conclusion that Mahabharata happened about 5000 years ago, Ramayana about 8000 years and Upanishads were discovered about 10,000 years.