2013 Bala Camp Life 13Bala

Reflections of Love

Every night we had a session to reflect on what they have learned on that day… learned to share our knowledge.


It was very helpful to analyze myself and to know how I am really different. And it was also helpful to know about others. – K Gayathri

In this time we can show our talents. Then we can recall what was done that whole day. – G Preethi

The most enjoyable part of the day. For our tired brains and bodies, it was soothing to sit together and discuss our ideas, crack jokes and we were exactly like one big family. – Chitkala S

It’s like a mirror, reflecting things. – Amrita.J.M

Reflection sessions made us think about what we learnt that day. It made us all thinkers. – Rishika Rajkumar

That was a different part of the schedule. I enjoyed that a lot. Funny videos were shown and a lot about Gita was discussed from the participant point of view. On Thursday emotional videos were shown and it made cry. – K.Jayapreethi

We had an hour recollecting what was taught that whole day. We also had visuals of parents’ pure love, which really touched our hearts. – K.Adhithy

I just love that session where everybody used to have fun and enjoyment. Yes I am happy that I came to this camp. I will always try to be happy. Thank you all:) – K.S.Amrita

We enjoyed our reflections. They used to put funny videos which made us happy. I think I have not been that much happier in my lifetime. – K.S.Megha

It was helpful for us to express our ideas and to know about others ideas which will make us lead a happy life. – Chaaran. A

This was a session which reminded what all we did in the day. – Hrishikesh . G. Menon

A very interactive crowd. – Amrtya Rajkumar

This was the most fun part of the camp, where we played games, discussed about love and had a blast. – Madhav Govind

This was a session that I really loved. -Jayasudha

Reflection was a main activity in our camp. – Ayush R

Many of my doubts have been cleared in this class. – S Atchaya

I have got good understanding about myself. – Jeeva.s

It helped us to register the lectures in our mind. – P. Neela Sowndaravalli

Very interactive. – S.T.Aadithya Narayanan

It was awesome and it helped us to revise what we learned during the day. – R. Kowsanth kalidas

Videos of role of parents was great. It was a recollecting session. It cleared all my doubts and it gave the opportunity to show our talents also. – Divyadayanand

In this session we learned how to interact and got confidence by ourselves. – Sanjan C S

It’s like revising our exam portions. -P. Anandh Krishna

Too good. – Anoosha M. Bhadauria

It’s very good, it gave a good exposure. – Athmika Prajesh

It was interesting. – Namitha J. Shenoy

It was a time when we would get to know how and what we learned. – Shantanu Sriranjan.B

They were involving and very thoughtful. I enjoyed a lot. – Akash P Rajan

Good one to test our understanding on the day’s lesson. – P. Mukundh Krishna

It helped us to rewind what we have learned for the whole day. It also gave us more inspiration as we got some tough questions solved. – Rahul. C. M

In daily reflections I studied about love,lust and like. – Amrita S

It helped us to remember the things we had been taught daily. First few days I was nervous answering questions but then it was very good. – Ramakrishnan P S

The speech and the discussion made us to think for the future life. We are really thankful to the camp members. – P.Surat Kumar

Reflections were good and fabulous daily. enjoyed a lot. Thank you for giving this wonderful opportunity. – R.Saranya

We had very good interactive sessions, where we could express our thoughts. – M. Kousalya

I enjoyed this section very much and I also thank Dhyanji for showing IPL finals thank you. – Dheeraj Nandakumar.R

This session is good because we won’t forget easily. – Sangeetha.M.T

The daily reflections helped us to remember what we had learned in the morning. This gives us the chances to answer. – A.Madavan

At the night we will discuss about what all we studied in morning. It was amazing. – Srivathsan N

I enjoyed the daily reflections it made me more happy and made me sleep happily. – Yamini vijayakumar

The reflections were very useful to recollect the daily happenings. And we enjoyed it. We learned about a lot of things. Thanks – Srinath. S

There was much of questions and much of fun in it. Sankarji was amazing, right in that session everyday!!! – Ajay Sarma