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My Life, My Passion: Love for Dance – Methil Devika

Methil Devika gave a lecture Demonstration on traditional dance form of Kerala – Mohiniyattam. Through her speech and beautiful expressions and demonstrations of the dance form, she taught the children to see divinity all around them. She spoke about her journey that started with a fall, about her passion and she told that children that to achieve success one must be a fighter and have one-minded concentration.

She also touched upon the requirements of an artist, saying that any performance must relate to the audience. Elaborating further she explained that when an audience enters a state of bliss or are intoxicated- that is the success of the performer. Through her beautiful dance demos, she gave a practical demonstration of an ideal performer.


It was the first time in my life that I actually understood a dance. Ha ha ha! – Amrtya Rajkumar

I was surprised to see her expression and the way she answered the questions. – Jayasudha

After seeing her dance only I came to know how interesting classical dance is! – Ayush R

Methil Devika is a good dancer. I don’t like classical dance. But I started liking it after seeing your dance. – Jeeva.s

She is one of the best dancers that I have ever seen dancing Mohiniattam. – M. Subash

Is the most enchanting dancer I have ever seen throughout. Her grace is inexplicable. Her humility and the way she relates the art to real life was undoubtedly inspiring. Perhaps if everyone is able to relate their learning to their life they would be the most successful ones. – Chitkala S

Her Mohiniyattam bought tears in my eyes. Awesome mam. – Divyadayanand

She was amazing. I was impressed by her passion for dance and love as well. Her dance really made us feel like Lord Krishna was born on the stage – Vaishnavi G.

What dance! Saw KRISHNA IN HER- it’s really fantastic. – Shivankari. P. R

Her dance, her expression, her beauty, her lifestyle, and her speech made me so much interest in dance. I thank her for coming to this programme. – P.Palani Pushpam

I became a fan of hers after seeing only one dance! – Greeshma P

It was amazing to see her dance with the expression on the birth of Sree Krishna! – Shantanu Sriranjan.B

What a beauty Indian dance has! – P. Mukundh Krishna

It inspired me a lot as I got to know that dance is an offering to God. It also made me aware of the greatness of our culture. – Rahul. C. M

To be very honest, I’ve not seen such a dance in my life. Methil Devika explained to us what the meaning of each step is. – Ramakrishnan p s

After seeing her dance we were surprised and planned to join dance classes!! We thank her for coming and inspiring us!! – P.Surat Kumar

She was fabulous! She spoke through actions. Stories can be told like this too, without words!! I enjoyed it. – K.Jayapreethi

I got inspired to learn Mohiniyattam. – B. Bhuvanesh

I was lost in the dance and her expression. – Sangeetha.M.T

I liked her dance. She is a role model for children who are learning dance. – K.R. Dhanush

She inspired me because of her dance and her faith in God. – S.Sabarinath

a very good dancer! My passion for dance started increasing. – K.S.Megha

She is a dancer whose dancing started with a fall. But now she has reached heights and had added many feathers to her cap. – Chaaran A

We were bewildered by her performance. Thanks. – Srinath. S

According to me, she is the best dancer I have ever seen….!!! – Ajay Sarma