Videos of Gitamritam

Gitamritam – the creative learning of Bhagavad Gita 
01 – 60 episodes aired by Amrita TV

Modern education provides a job, money, fame…but not peace of mind. It does not teach how to deal with life. We can be happy only if we know how to live life with all its ups and downs. Problems existed centuries ago too. Arjuna consulted Lord Krishna when faced with a terrible dilemma – the Gita was the Lord’s answer on how to do it with a smile…..Lord Krishna did it all the time! Amma says “Learning the Gita to become like Sri Krishna”. (ഗീത പഠിക്കുന്നത് കൃഷ്ണനാകാനാണ് ) The Gita is indeed a guide to everyday life. Watch all videos from Youtube

Gitamritam Kalyan:
If you don’t have the fundamentals of Gita in your life, you will go mental

Husbands should understand the pain wives go through. Wives should understand the pain husbands go through. Only when the husband and wife understand each other can they love one another fully and be one. Spirituality is important to lead a family life of content, love and mutual respect. Bhagavad Gita welds the couple in blissful matrimony with patience, love and forgiveness. Gitamritam Kalyan helps married couples to learn Gita in a creative way.