Mananam FAQ

Who can attend Mananam?
Only those who attended the Bala, Yuva, Kalyan or Nipun camps can join this camp and ready to dedicate five full days to the camp.

I didn’t get any confirmation mail. Whom to contact?
First, check your email spam folder.
If you have still not received it, please send a mail to

We hope you have a Telegram account.
Pls contact in the telegram app.

I have to fight with my parents and teachers to come…

Whatever you may be studying, if you fall sick (like viral fever), you will lose a week! Your parents/teachers may be giving a lot of importance to the exam and marks. But after completing your education, or when you grow up, no one will ask you about your score in the board exam. At that time, others are only bothered about your character and skill.

This camp is to help you set the real goal in life and to help you develop the qualities necessary to achieve this. If you have imbibed the knowledge of the Gita, you will be happy throughout life, and you can achieve anything you want. Without knowledge of the Gita, you may have everything you ever wanted, but you may not be able to enjoy life, be content, be peaceful and be happy.

When should we come? When can we leave?

The camp registrants should report at 8:00 pm on 24th Dec. The camp starts on the 25th morning at 8.57 am.
Once the camp starts, no one is allowed to join or leave before its completion.
One should join the camp only after committing to complete the entire five days.
The camp will be over by 5.00 pm on 29th Dec.

What are the activities during the camp?

Gita class, Question and Answer sessions with Amma, meditating and singing Bhajans with Amma, getting darshan and her blessings. Guest lectures, workshops, discussions and Yoga also will be there.

Daily the session starts in the morning and is scheduled up to 10 at night.
We will give you the details once you join the camp.

Can I attend only a part of it?

NO. Your presence is essential for every session, and
the participant has to be present on all five days of the camp.

You cannot join or leave the camp once it starts.

What about the weather?
Usually, it is humid little cool at night.

What about accommodation & food

We have a moderate arrangement for sleeping.
Please bring bedsheets.
Mosquitos are there. They love you :D.
Please use some cream to be friendly with them.

Only Ashram food and it will be served free of cost.
Purified filter water will be available; you may fill your water bottles.
You can eat from the Indian or Western canteen by paying.

How much is the fee?

A minimum of one rupee.
You can offer anything according to your heart’s content as Guru Dakshina.

Your medical history?

You should disclose if you are taking any medications or having physical problems. Then, in case of an emergency, we can help you out.
There is a hospital in Ashram. The doctors are available on call twenty-four hours.