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Kalyan 2017

KQ: How do I know that my request has been accepted?

Once your request is received, an application form will be sent to you (please make sure that you have provided a valid email id).

Please complete and return the application back to us along with the on-line payment confirmation details.

After the application form is processed and we receive the payment, a confirmation email will be sent to you with your registration numbers.

**Please check your email spam folder.
If you still do not see an email, please send us an mail to contact{at}

When you come to the camp, please have the registration numbers handy.

KQ: What is the fee of the program? How to pay?


The fee the program is 7,000 per couple. 

**If you pay by  October 16th 2017, 11:59 PM;  You get an early discount and need to pay only Rs. 5,000/- per couple

Please send the payment via UPI gitamritam@upi via BHIM app

In the Remarks field please enter both you first names. Example Sita & Ram

# For couples who have Children/Caretaker coming and staying at the campus

Additional Fee is Rs 3,000 per room. 



KQ: Which chapter will be discussed during this program?

Chapter 12, Bhakati Yoga will be the main focus of the camp.
The chapter deals with, what is Love and the necessary qualities one needs to have in life for that Love to blossom.

KQ: What is the format of the program & time table

Everyday the sessions starts at 6.00 AM in the morning and is scheduled up to 10 PM in night.

Besides learning and understanding Bhagavad Gita, there will be a series of interactive sessions, yoga and workshops, meditation and bhajans.

KQ: What should we bring to the camp?

Apart form your dress and toiletry kit

Medicines if any
Clothes suitable for Yoga
Swimming dress
Walking shoes
Notebook and pen
Water Bottle
If you wish to perform (music/arts), you may bring necessary instruments that will help to present your talents during the camp.

The climate will be pleasant during day time and gets colder towards evening/night. It is advisable to bring warm clothes

# For couples who have children/caretaker attending the camp, please bring necessary items like flask to store milk, hot water etc. 

KQ: Whom to contact?

For clarifications please contact
By Email: contact{at}
By Phone: (Between 4.30 pm and 8.30 pm) Smt. Lalita Mani +91-944-237-4789


KQ: How to reach Ettimadai?

There are two major cities that are close to Ettimadai, Coimbatore and Palakkad (Palghat).


By Air: Coimbatore International Airport (CJB) is the primary airport serving the city of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu.

Airport is 39 Kilometers away from Ettimadai.

By Train: Coimbatore Junction Railway Station ( CBE )- is 19 Kilometers away from Ettimadai.

Uber @ Coimbatore


By Train : Palghat Junction Railway Station (PGT ) (Locally known as Olavakkod Junction),  is 40 Kilometers away from Ettiadai.


Ettimadai Railway Station (ETMD) is only about 500 meters from the campus and one may easily walk to campus upon alighting at the station; however no major trains stop here and only local passenger trains stop here.

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KQ: Who can attend Gitamritam – Kalyan ? Is then an age limit?

This camp is for married couples who are within seven years of their marriage. 
Both the husband and wife must come, to attend the camp.
(Age Group:  20 to 35 years and within 7 years of marriage)

KQ: Can I bring my child / children along?

Yes, children can be brought provided that they are accompanied by a caretaker.
There is a makeshift arrangement for crèche.
The essential supplies like baby food, milk-powder, diaper, etc are to be brought by you.

However neither children nor caretakers are allowed to attend the program.
The child / children will remain with caretaker in the crèche during the program hours.
During the break time parents may be able meet the child / children depending on the program schedule. 

Accommodation will be provided for the caretaker; additional charges will apply.

KQ: My spouse is not interested, but I wanted to attend.

Sorry, the entry is only for couples. Both have to come.

KQ: When will the camp start? Can I attend only a part of it?

It is essential for the participant-couple to be present on all four days of the camp.
You cannot join or leave the camp once it has started. 

The duration of the camp is for 4 days.

The participants have to report by 8:00 pm on 8th Nov 2017. (Latest by 9:00 AM on 9th Nov 2017.)

Orientation session, followed by classes will start at 10:00 am 9th Nov 2017. 

The camp will be over by 4.00 pm on 12th November 2017.

!! Important – your presence is essential for every session.

KQ: I have not read the Gita nor do I know Sanskrit. Can I still attend?

Just the intention and interest to learn and understand the Bhagavad Gita is enough.

The reading material is provided during the camp.

Prior knowledge of Gita or Sanskrit is not necessary.

However, if you know Sanskrit its always better.

KQ: What kind of food and accommodation is provided?

Couples are given single room with double bed accommodation.
If there are caretakers,(applicable for couples with child/children) they will be provided a separate accommodation near your room. Additional charges will apply for both food and accommodation.

Vegetarian food will be served as part of the program and the cost is included in your registration fee. 
Purified filter water will be available, please bring your own water bottles.

KQ: What about the mosquitos?

They are very much there.
Use a repellent cream like odomos or tell them that you are married, so that they will look for someone else 😀