My Life, My Passion: Love for the red light girls – Praveen & Priti Patkar

My Life, My Passion:  Praveen Patkar and Smt. Priti Patkar

This was one of the most touching guest lectures. Pravin Patkar began the session with an analogy of the city’s waste dump yard to the filth of the society, i.e., human trafficking. He described the current situation of the children on the streets and made the students to realize the dangers such children are facing.

He stressed the need for passion for bringing change in the society as youth in their lives.

The couples shared their experiences and challenges they faced in their early days of serving the needy people during floods, riots, etc. They beautifully narrated their success story that brought change in the lives of children in the red light area of Mumbai through their sustained efforts for rehabilitation.

Mr & Mrs Patkar demonstrated their courage in spite of having enemies in the flesh trade and criminals of all sorts from the red light area and their sacrifice of personal security for the sake of children of the destitute.

Some feedback from the students

They made me realise how lucky I am. I am born and brought up in a surrounding with no trouble. – Dhanush B

We live in this world where there are not only good things but also cruelty. I have been always seeing this life of pleasure and so has never thought about children of my own age, suffering from cruelties of people in this world. I had heard about child trafficking but never took it this serious. This session made us realise the sorrows and feelings of these children and has inspired us to take up social service jobs, if not in a big way, to the extend possible in our own little manner. – Megha, Karwar

It was an awakening and altering program. I felt very inspired and felt I also should do something as these great personalities did – Sinatra, Karwar

I am so much inspired by them that I have decided to become a social worker. – Suyash M P, Karwar

They were a couple who had no fear and went forward and helped children. – T Shashank Yadar

I was shocked to hear they have helped almost 9000 children. – Vaneesh V, Belgaum

They are like the parents of children who are trafficked. They have saved 9000 children. Truly this is a great job done by them. – Akshay S Prasad, Karwar

I also want to do something like them for the society. – Amrita J M, Mysore

Dance with Love: workshop by Lakshmi & Sunil

This is one of the workshop children enjoyed most. Lakshmi explained and demonstrated the forms of dance, Bharatanatyam and Kathakkali with special reference to the similarity and differences between them.

They reiterated that the classical dance forms of India are not merely a movement of the body, but involves the dancer’s being one with God.

Depicted the navarasas in both the dance forms, Kathakkali and Bharatanatyam.

Involved the participants of Gitamrita in both the dance forms, taught them lessons, and make of Kathakali.

Lakshmi stressed the importance of the dancer experiencing love in God.


My Life, My Passion: Love for the computers by Dr. P Venkat Rangan

My Life, My Passion: by Dr. P Venkat Rangan, Vice Chancellor, Amrita University

Dr Rangan began the session by narrating how AMMA influenced his life in 1992 when he met her in Los Angeles and learn to shift his thinking from brain to heart.
Associated very well the networking speed in transferring knowledge between the “two super speed idiots” (computers) with respect to Amma’s ability to transfer the knowledge and demonstrated successfully how Amma can transform individuals into higher states.

He called upon the students to become Hanuman and invoke the potential in them. “Don’t treat humans like computers and computers like humans” he advised.
Demonstrated well how Amma overcame the hurdles of her life to become great today, by narrating her childhood biography — the barriers like economical, caste, regional, educational, language and gender.

He gave an invaluable equation of life for the success. Also stressed on the importance of accommodating the ideas of others in life by giving examples of own experiences.

16 Oct 2012

Health & Hygiene – Workshop

Health & Hygiene – Workshop by Dr Rahul Lakshman & Dr. Lakshmi R Lashman

Dr. Rahul Lakshman and Dr. Lakshmi R Lakshman Began the session with the WHO definition of health and stressed upon the importance of social and spiritual well being which is often ignored.
He mentioned different types of sufferings an individual undergoes and explained the contributions of India in the field of medicine.

Enlisting the essentials of heath they stressed upon the importance of both external as well as internal hygiene that include hygiene of body, mind and karmic.
Dr. Lakshmi, being a dyslexia patient, demonstrated her ability to communicate effectively in spite of flaw in language and grammar and the couple showed the ideal understanding between them.

Children also learned how harmful the chemicals used in the cosmetics and fast food and the toxins they release that can bring the molecular changes and gave the importance of satwik food against rajasik and tamasik foods.

For the girl students there was a very useful interactive session about their personal problems associated with health and hygiene.


They taught us how to avoid diseases and remain healthy and clean. – Tejas V, Karwar