My Life My Passion: Love for Swimming – Akhilesh Matti Rajakyla

{Akhilesh Matti Rajakyla is National Swimming Champion from Finland and participant in 2004 Athens & 2008 Beijing Olympics. Almost a hundred National level medals in Swimming and three National Records.}

Akhilesh shared his experiences as a young school boy at Helsinki’s sports high school, where he lived by himself, practicing, attending school, doing homework, cooking and helping himself. His hard work paid off for his fast progress and involvement in practice for Athens Olympics.

Demonstrated his true sportive nature even when he couldn’t win a medal at Athens, he was happy to have participated and was able to meet the other sports stars!

He got the European championship gold in 2005, which changed his attitude towards the sport and began to work harder, took it as his job to practice, but constantly had a fear of failure.

He played his video from Olympics and showed how even a single fraction of a second matters for a sportsman of his cadre and what difference it can make in their life!

He attributed his failure to his attitude, and explained how he felt depressed and began to question himself. This is exactly when he met Amma and found answers to all his queries which brought major change in him who holds high respect for the Indian tradition and values.


Feedback from the students…

We came to know how to overcome situations and learned not to give up in any problems and to continue or complete our passion – Sannidhi Raikar

This is the line which was told by him is written in my mind in  bold letters.
”Everybody is born as a artist with a talent inside. The thing which we have to do is to keep the talent till the adulthood.”   Whenever I feel I am not gifted with any talent, this line strikes in my mind and enables me to move forward. Thanks to Akhilesh Sir. – Megha Hichkad

I have learnt ‘never giving up from him’ & that’s same thing what we were taught in Gita sessions that Sri Krishna  instructs  – Revant, Karwar

My Life, My Passion: Love for the Moon by BR Guruprasad

BR Guruprasad, ISRO Scientist & Science Communicator narrated how his school and teachers shaped up his characters.

He gave a beautiful power point presentation on Chandrayaan, India’s mission to the Moon. He explained the surface, conditions on the moon and the human exploration on it, how well Chandrayaan – 1 confirmed the presence of water on the moon soil. He also gave a bird’s eye view of various space programmes taken up by ISRO, how a satellite is launched through PSLV, and how it is put to the orbit.

Guruprasad also gave the perspective of the Moon both in terms of a scientist and a poet. This was the most interactive session, where children queued up to pose questions to him.

Feedback from some students..

There are many doors in life which are not open, just open the door which you like and explore. And you can achieve more than one thins in life. By all these sessions i can conclude that passion with work gives you happiness and there is no age limit for any learners. – Dhanush, Bangalore

Brought into me a thirst for knowledge and inspired us to read whatever occurred into our mind any time, irrespective of the subject. Enlightened us about the amount of hardnwork required to achieve our goal. – Chitkala S sharma, Mysore

I felt that he could have made it better by fascinating the children by telling  about the numerous unexplained phenomenon that exist in our universe. By doing so he could evoke the curiosity in the children about the ‘Lord’s master piece” i.e the universe.  – – Sunidhi Naik, Karwar

My Life, My Passion: Love for the Desi cows – KEN Raghavan

[KEN Raghavan, National Joint General Secretary, Ekal Vidhyalaya Abhiyan
Expert in Training: Gram Vikas (Low cost, Micro Model) – Bio Gas, Organic Manure, Bio Pesticide, organic farming Cow based small cottage industry.]

KEN Raghavan shared his knowledge on the historical documentation of Megasthenese, Fahian, Albarooni, Marco Polo, Columbus, McCauley, etc. Explained well how McCauley was successful in destroying self sufficient India in terms of CPC laws, Education system and administration systems. But he gave the hope of self sufficient India called Bharat by restoring the village structure. He explained the 5Js Jan-Jameen-Jal-Jeev-Jungle ( man, land, water, animals, and forest) needed for gramaswaraj.

He demonstrated the importance of indigenous cow, its milk and products with scientific support on these studies.


Some feedback from the students

I now understand the difference between A1 milk and A2 milk which most people do not know. – Akshay S Prasad, Karwar

From this session I got to know more about our country India, it’s richness and and also where it is lacking. And most importantly about our mother cow, importance of milk and many other things that I was not aware of. – Sinatra, Karwar

This session enabled me to understand the importance of cow and also the rich heritage of our own country which we Indians were not aware of. I learned India is not inferior to any other country and will try to follow the steps showed by him in creating self sufficiency in our own country rather than depending on some other country. Megha, Karwar

It was a wonderful session. We came to know the importance of cow milk, gomutra etc. – Shobha, Belgaum

From this session I got to know the importance of cow , cow milk, the difference of A1 and A2 milk and the qualities of these milk. – Divya Dayanand, Mysore

My Life, My Passion: Love for Sri Rama – Ram Avatar Sharma

Dr. Ramavatar Sharma began the session with giving the importance of visiting the temples and how one gets Samskara from it.

The enquiry at the age of 5 about Sri Rama made him able to seek the places he visited.

Gave a picturesque narration of how he went in search of Sri Rama’s path starting from the saint he met at Ayodhya. He has being doing research on Sri Ramas 4 journeys for the last 37 years by visiting those places by foot or bicycle and mapping them!

Children experienced and listened to the words he lived, “until you become crazy about something you cannot achieve anything”.

Ram Avatar Sharmaji narrated his experiences in beautiful Hindi, during his travel amidst the forests and how he could see Sri Rama present in everyone’s heart. He established the fact that Hanuman was from Karnataka.

This was session endowed with simplicity, faith, consistency and devotion.
Sharmaji also shared his work on his travel in the form of the book with all the children.



Some feedback from students

I was really happy to hear that Hanuman is from Karnataka and his mother tongue is Kannada. – Saumya G, Karwar

Sharma sir showed us that there is no work which is impossible. If we have passion, we can achieve any heights. If he could travel the path Sri Rama travelled by cycling, we could all achieve our goals. The story told by him helped me to understand God is present in all, irrespective of their jobs. – Megha, Karwar

This session taught us how to implement the proverb “where there is a will, there is a way “, in our life. – Sinatra, Karwar

I learned we should all have dreams – Sagar SC, Belgaum

I learned a lot about Ramayana and I got to know Hanuman was from Karnataka. – Rohan K, Bangalore

Dr Ram Avatar who has taken up Sri Rama’s journey, has made me realise we should be confident in whatever we do. – Shreyas J Kashyap

May be he is the only one who has found the journey of Sri Rama in Valmiki Ramayana. He has cycled from Ayodhya to Rameshwaram. – Akshay S Prasad, Karwar

We came to know more about Ramayana and the places where it must have taken place. – Sushma S, Bangalore

My Life, My Passion: Love for the red light girls – Praveen & Priti Patkar

My Life, My Passion:  Praveen Patkar and Smt. Priti Patkar

This was one of the most touching guest lectures. Pravin Patkar began the session with an analogy of the city’s waste dump yard to the filth of the society, i.e., human trafficking. He described the current situation of the children on the streets and made the students to realize the dangers such children are facing.

He stressed the need for passion for bringing change in the society as youth in their lives.

The couples shared their experiences and challenges they faced in their early days of serving the needy people during floods, riots, etc. They beautifully narrated their success story that brought change in the lives of children in the red light area of Mumbai through their sustained efforts for rehabilitation.

Mr & Mrs Patkar demonstrated their courage in spite of having enemies in the flesh trade and criminals of all sorts from the red light area and their sacrifice of personal security for the sake of children of the destitute.

Some feedback from the students

They made me realise how lucky I am. I am born and brought up in a surrounding with no trouble. – Dhanush B

We live in this world where there are not only good things but also cruelty. I have been always seeing this life of pleasure and so has never thought about children of my own age, suffering from cruelties of people in this world. I had heard about child trafficking but never took it this serious. This session made us realise the sorrows and feelings of these children and has inspired us to take up social service jobs, if not in a big way, to the extend possible in our own little manner. – Megha, Karwar

It was an awakening and altering program. I felt very inspired and felt I also should do something as these great personalities did – Sinatra, Karwar

I am so much inspired by them that I have decided to become a social worker. – Suyash M P, Karwar

They were a couple who had no fear and went forward and helped children. – T Shashank Yadar

I was shocked to hear they have helped almost 9000 children. – Vaneesh V, Belgaum

They are like the parents of children who are trafficked. They have saved 9000 children. Truly this is a great job done by them. – Akshay S Prasad, Karwar

I also want to do something like them for the society. – Amrita J M, Mysore

My Life, My Passion: Love for the computers by Dr. P Venkat Rangan

My Life, My Passion: by Dr. P Venkat Rangan, Vice Chancellor, Amrita University

Dr Rangan began the session by narrating how AMMA influenced his life in 1992 when he met her in Los Angeles and learn to shift his thinking from brain to heart.
Associated very well the networking speed in transferring knowledge between the “two super speed idiots” (computers) with respect to Amma’s ability to transfer the knowledge and demonstrated successfully how Amma can transform individuals into higher states.

He called upon the students to become Hanuman and invoke the potential in them. “Don’t treat humans like computers and computers like humans” he advised.
Demonstrated well how Amma overcame the hurdles of her life to become great today, by narrating her childhood biography — the barriers like economical, caste, regional, educational, language and gender.

He gave an invaluable equation of life for the success. Also stressed on the importance of accommodating the ideas of others in life by giving examples of own experiences.

16 Oct 2012